Let’s start at the beginning

Marty’s journey  began some 30 years ago. 

Before he became a Functional Medicine Health Coach, Marty was his own first client. After his older brother became diabetic, he started asking a lot of questions, did a lot of research, learned the root causes, and made the changes necessary to lose 80 pounds and overcome what he later learned were genetic tendencies toward obesity, diabetes, and lung and cardiovascular diseases that eventually claimed his three brothers.

As we age, constitutional weaknesses begin to present as problems. It didn’t stop there. Sleep apnea and atrial fibrillation have been added to his list of self-cures. With the help of some physical therapy, he also healed chronic lower back pain from a deteriorated lumbar disc, and a frozen shoulder.

At 79, Marty is still diseasefree takes no prescription drugs or overthecounter meds, and is now launching a new career.

Marty’s strengths include being a generalist with a wide range of knowledge and experience, a technical mindset, superior analytical skills, the caring and willingness to spend the time necessary to figure out root causes, the ability to devise innovative, practical solutions, and a strong commitment to results.

Learn more about Marty’s story in the Blog post, “Change Begins With Questions.”

Who We Are



A world where people live a balanced life that naturally promotes a high level of wellness and function, and avoids the common degenerative diseases of modern man, a world where ‘healthcare’ is about education and practices that increase health, vitality, and resilience, not pharmaceuticals, procedures, and managing symptoms



To help clients improve their health naturally. This includes helping them understand the root cause(s) of chronic pain and ‘disease’, empowering them to take charge of their own health, adopt habits and practices that enhance health, vitality, and health span, and providing the ongoing support necessary for them to achieve their goals



  • Health.
  • Finding underlying, primary root causes.
  • Finding the best, most practical solution.
  • Achieve meaningful results


Free Initial Consulting Session

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